Engineering For Humanity Through GEOSS




The ICEO Standards Working Group (ISWG) engages in GEOSS activities related,to the Standards and Interoperaiblity Registry (SIR), and other standards-based projects for GEOSS.  The ISWG was responsible for the initial work preformed in achieving the launch and population of the SIR.  This work involved the design of the register, following the ISO 19135 standard, the creation of a Standards Development Organization (SDO) list to be used in the SIR, and the creation of a standards taxonomy to be used in the SIR.  Subsequent activities include evolving the standards taxonomy into a richer and textured taxonomy in order to better organize registered standards and special arrangements for search and discovery, the design and deployment of interoperability mechanisms between the SIR and the Components and Services Registry (CSR) in order to facilitate a smoother GEOSS registration process for data providers, and playing a supporting role to the Standards and Interoperability Forum (SIF).

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