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Workshop on Socio-economic benefits

A workshop on the socio-economic benefits of GEO-GEOSS is planned for July
11-13 at the Joint Research Center in Ispra Italy. The purpose of the workshop is
to identify a program of activities to undertake during 2011-14 to support the
GEO 10-year implementation plan ( and
the assessment of the benefits that can and will be achieved. Such program of
activities may include the consolidation of dispersed bodies of literature relevant
to the assessment of impacts and benefits of geographic information/earth
observation, the evaluation of different methodologies appropriate to undertake
such assessments, the gathering of evidence of impacts/benefits in different user
communities and societal benefits areas, and outreach activities to develop
shared understanding across disciplinary boundaries on value and methods of
The number of workshop participants is expected to be 25 with focus on
practitioners of benefit/impact assessments and related fields. Experts in
physical, social and economic sciences are invited to attend. The workshop is
being organized by JRC, NASA, IIASA and IEEE. Please contact Dr. Max Craglia
(, Dr. Jay Pearlman (,
Dr. Steffen Fritz ( or Dr. Lawrence Friedl ( for
further information. If you are interested in attending, please forward an
expression of interest via email to the organizers and include your area of
expertise and a CV. The deadline for letters of interest is June 21, 2011

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