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Standards Coordinating Committee

electric carThe Standards Coordinating Committee sponsored by ICEO (SCC40) has submitted a a project authorization request to develop a standards guide for electric-sourced transportation infrastructure. This document provides guidelines that can be used by utilities, manufacturers, transportation providers, infrastructure developers and end users of electric-sourced vehicles and related support infrastructure in addressing applications for road-based personal and mass transportation. A large growth in electric sourced vehicles is expected in the next few decades. The number of vehicles will likely stress the capacity in electric generation even with the partial implementation of smart grid technology and energy saving protocols and mandates. In addition, wider use of vehicles, both for personnel transportation and also for larger vehicles, will require additional infrastructure in the form of charging stations, energy distribution and monitoring capabilities. Since the magnitude of the required changes is significant and the cycle time for planning and developing infrastructure can be on the scale of decades, adoption of relevant standards for electric sources vehicles is necessary in order to improve efficiency and interoperability of the end to end system for both manufacturing and routine operations. This guide provides a knowledge base addressing terminology, methods, equipment, and planning requirements for such transportation and its impacts on commercial and industrial systems including, for example, generation, transmission, and distribution systems of electrical power. The proposed guide provides a roadmap for users to plan for short, medium, and long-term systems.

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