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IEEE Proposals selected by GEO

Water-2The Group on Earth Observation has selected four IEEE proposals as part of an international initiative to support research and development for societal benefit areas of agriculture, water, human health and energy.  The selections included:

JR Sharma – Rainwater harvesting for domestic and supplemental irrigation to upgrade rainfed farming towards food security and sustainable livelihood in the Indian desert;

E. Amamoo-Otchere – Water Security and Goverance – A crisis of urban life in Ghana;

P. Thenkabail – Spatial Modeling for Selecting Areas of Wetland Cultivation and Preservation in Africa: Satellite Sensor Data Fusion to Support Africa’s Green and Blue Revolution:

P. Thenkabail – Global Cropland Area Monitoring System (GCAMS) through fusion of Advanced Remote Sensing, Secondary, and in-Situ Data.

GEO will be working with funding organizations to sponsor these projects. For further information, please contact the leaders of ICEO “water for the world”, Prasad Thenkabail, or Tom Wiener,

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