Engineering For Humanity Through GEOSS


ICEO Participation in GEO

IEEE support of GEOSS

The IEEE Committee on Earth Observation (ICEO), established in 2004, provides a focal point for IEEE in its support of GEO and GEO Committees.

Architecture and Data Committee (ADC)

ADC field trip - South Africa

ADC field trip - South Africa

Facilitating use of data and information is a key contribution of GEOSS to meeting global and national challenges. Attributes of an information system should include ease of use, improved interoperability of information, access to data through constructive data principles and knowing the quality of information. These are important to users for making informed decisions. The ADC is implementing a GEOSS Common Infrastructure (architecture and associated data descriptions) to deliver these attributes. IEEE provides the GCI Standards and Interoperability registry and the GCI Best Practices Wiki. In addition, IEEE co-leads the Standards and Interoperability Forum, which works with users in facilitating the implementation of standards and enhancing interoperability for Earth observation. IEEE is a co-chair of the ADC.

Capacity Building Committee (CBC)

GEOSS is focused on societal benefits of improved decision-making in nineworkshop critical societal benefit areas. Using observations and information products for decisions requires users to understand the value and the limitation of the information. Capacity building, focused on developing countries, provides personal and institutional training in the use of observation data and information products.  The CBC program facilitates and oversees GEO tasks in capacity building to achieve broader and effective use of GEOSS. IEEE leads three activities for GEOSS outreach: a game development contest for young people focusing on the benefits of Earth observation; a web-journal for GEOSS Earth observation news and benefits; and a series of global workshops focused on developments and challenges in societal benefit areas.

Science and Technology Committee (STC)

Science, engineering and the application of technology to improve observation of the environment and then create information products through models is a GEOSS priority.  Initiatives of the STC include: Catalyzing Research and Development Funding for GEOSS (ST-09-01); and Promoting Awareness and Benefits of GEO in the Science and Technology Community (ST-09-02). IEEE leads the efforts in ST-09-02 for community development. In addition, IEEE is outreach work package manager for the EC FP-7 EGIDA project that supports the STC.

User Interface Committee (UIC)

The UIC is the GEO interface with users of data and information from modelers to senior decision makers. The UIC is the front-end driver from a user perspective, bringing together user needs and capabilities in a way that genuinely influences and drives the overall development of the GEO and GEOSS. It supports communities of practice to bring these suppliers and users together and to reach across disciplines to find solutions to complex societal issues. Three areas are the focus of the UIC: User Engagement (US-09-01); Socio-Economic Indicators (US-09-02); and Cross-Cutting Products and Services (US-09-03). IEEE is a co-chair of UIC. In addition, is supports implementation of communities of practice and is active in energy, water and health CPs.